Malavella is a carbonated mineral water that springs from the Font de la Mina spring in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) at a temperature of 58ºC. Its mineral qualities give it its own original personality. It is water with sodium bicarbonate. In the Vichy Catalán online store, you can buy Malavella carbonated mineral water quickly and easily. Discover the taste of a carbonated mineral water. How is Malavella carbonated mineral water obtained? According to a 1996 report by the IGME (Spanish Institute of Geology and Mining), after a long journey through the depths of the earth for more than 10,000 years, Malavella carbonated mineral water comes out of the spring with its own gas.  During this journey, at a temperature of […]

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Vichy Catalan, the genuine sparkling mineral water

If there is a leading European brand in mineral water, it is Vichy Catalan. Its discovery dates back to 1881, in Caldes de Malavella (Girona), and the architect of the discovery was Dr. Modest Furest i Roca. One of the most remarkable things about the water that flows from the Vichy Catalan spring, at 60ºC and with its own gas, are its health-giving properties. This has positioned Vichy water for many years as one of the best carbonated mineral waters in the world. Vichy Catalan: health, flavour and personality Vichy Catalan carbonated mineral water stands out from the rest for its unique taste, health benefits and organoleptic qualities. Vichy is a water directly linked to gastronomic culture, as it brings […]

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Font D’Or water, a premium water

Font d’Or natural mineral water is not considered to be just any water, even though it is within the reach of all budgets. This water is considered a premium product due to its exceptional quality, the guarantee of which lies in its origin. Font d’Or water comes from a spring located in the heart of the Guilleries granite massif, at an altitude of no less than 1,000 metres. This detail, the result of nature’s whim, is what makes Font d’Or water, one of the Vichy Catalán brands available in La Tienda Vichy, offer an unchanging composition, as the entire production comes from a single spring. Font d’Or is an age-old, rich, healthy water that thousands of consumers have the privilege […]

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Agua Font del Regas

Font Regas water is characterised by its low mineralisation, which makes it a water of great quality and pleasant taste. Moreover, Regas water is not only suitable for preparing cooking dishes, it can also be used with cooking dishes and is ideal for the treatment of high blood pressure. Regas font water has always been characterised by consumers, retailers and distributors finding practical and convenient solutions, with the aim of providing the best water in the best packaging.  It has the advantages of practicality and convenience: the compact, stackable design saves space, and its ergonomic handle makes it easy to handle and carry. At the Vichy Catalán online shop, you can buy Font de Regas water quickly and easily. Discover […]

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Aguas de Mondariz, el mejor agua del mundo

The waters of Mondariz are mineral-medicinal, pure and crystal clear. Its texture, freshness and evolution in the mouth is almost comparable to the pleasure of tasting a wine. For this reason, Mondariz waters have won awards and are considered to be the best water in the world. Every year, the International Taste Institute of Brussels, the world leader in the evaluation and certification of food and beverages, certifies the highest quality products with three stars for superior taste. This award has been granted to Mondariz waters seven times. More than 200 of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers took part in this evaluation, tasting each product blind. Mondariz water has also been awarded the Diamond Taste Award, the highest recognition […]

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Monte Pinos mineral water

Monte Pinos natural mineral water comes from a single spring located at an altitude of almost 1000 metres in the Sierra de Almazán, Soria.  This eco-geological environment gives Monte Pinos mineral water a mineral composition very low in sodium, which makes it advisable as a water for daily consumption at any age.  Monte Pinos natural mineral water is also recommended in cases of arterial hypertension and heart failure, in slimming diets or for the preparation of children’s food and to keep sportsmen and women hydrated.  Discover it at Vichy Catalan. History of Monte Pinos mineral water In 1934, Mr. Dionisio Navalpotro entered the world of fizzy drinks. Years later, his son Pedro Navalpotro took advantage of his experience in the […]

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Smoothies have been in fashion for some time, and they have their reason for being. Every time we like to take care of ourselves, do sports and lead a healthy life in which a healthy diet cannot be absent. And the high protein, antioxidant and fiber content of smoothies, in addition to their delicious flavors, has made them a star drink for many people who enjoy taking care of themselves. For this reason, in an emblematic place like the restaurant in Colonia Sant Jordi called Salicornia, a variety of signature smoothies could not be missing to enjoy in a privileged environment. Like its terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi de Mallorca, located on the Paseo Marítimo, an excellent way to enjoy […]

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Matiz restaurant gift coupon

Thinking of steel, a good detail that pleasantly surprised you, like a dinner in a Malaga restaurant? Whether it is a special celebration, an Important moment, or a daily dinner, giving Matiz, one of the best downtown Malaga restaurants, is a Success. Actually, any moment can be good to make it different, and give it a spark that transforms it. It may be on the weekend, but not necessarily: nothing helps make the week go as smoothly as an unexpected dinner on a Wednesday. For example. And if you are enjoying a tasting menu in Malaga, what more could you ask for? Matiz’s cuisine, considered by many to be the best restaurant in Malaga, is seasonal, Mediterranean and inevitably Andalusian. […]

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Enjoy a KM0 menu

The so-called km 0 food products that make up the menu of some of the best restaurants in Mallorca are those that take into account the distance between their point of origin and their place of final consumption. For a while now, these local products have been a trend, just like the menus at Km O. There has even been a movement called slow food, a gastronomic association that defends food based on environmentalism, sustainable development, biodiversity, trade fair and ethics. This gastronomic concept seeks to reduce the strong ecological impact of transporting raw materials thousands of kilometers away. But at the same time a healthier and more natural eating style is achieved, since artificial products are not used to […]

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The best place to taste tapas in the heart of Malaga

If there is a unique culinary specialty that distinguishes our gastronomy, it is tapas. They offer a wide variety, making it easy to satisfy all tastes and offering a whole range of possibilities. And is that enjoying tapas can be an option as practical as delicious. To satisfy the unexpected hunger between meals, when we have little time, or simply to enrich an aperitif, tapas are simply perfect. In Matiz, one of the best restaurants in Malaga, they explain what some of its most exclusive tapas consist of. Because going for tapas also means enjoying a culinary art that is more important than it seems at first glance. Malaga’s best restaurants for tapas Every place in the Spanish geography has […]

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