The best place to taste tapas in the heart of Malaga

If there is a unique culinary specialty that distinguishes our gastronomy, it is tapas. They offer a wide variety, making it easy to satisfy all tastes and offering a whole range of possibilities. And is that enjoying tapas can be an option as practical as delicious.

To satisfy the unexpected hunger between meals, when we have little time, or simply to enrich an aperitif, tapas are simply perfect. In Matiz, one of the best restaurants in Malaga, they explain what some of its most exclusive tapas consist of. Because going for tapas also means enjoying a culinary art that is more important than it seems at first glance.

Malaga’s best restaurants for tapas

Every place in the Spanish geography has its most typical gastronomic specialties, such as tapas. Matiz stands out of the original Malaga restaurants to savor quality tapas with a touch of innovation mixed with the best of tradition. These are some of its most famous tapas:

Fried fish

An essential cover of Andalusian gastronomy, but if it is prepared in one of the best Malaga restaurants, it has a special dimension. Also known as Malaga frying, it combines squid, little sprigs, chopitos, red mullet, dogfish, whitebait … It is usually accompanied by very cold beer or white wine, making the hands move without realizing it.

Ajoblanco: Occupies a prominent role as a tapas in the south, especially in the center of Malaga. There are those who call it white gazpacho, but in reality its ingredients are very different from those of the typical Andalusian gazpacho. As its name suggests it is white, and its texture is that of a cold soup made from bread, ground almonds and garlic. It is really exquisite.

The gazpachuelo: although its name is a bit misleading, it is a typically seafood soup based on fish broth, mayonnaise, potatoes and bread.

Anchovies  in vinegar:  Marinated in a mixture of EVOO and vinegar, they are seasoned with garlic and parsley, remaining in brine long enough to achieve an optimal flavor without losing the smooth texture.

Lean with tomatoAnother classic recipe not all Malaga tapas are fish, and meat lovers are in luck with this cover. In lean tomato, it is essential that the meat is as tender and juicy as you can imagine. It combines especially well with delicious fried potatoes.

The loin of daggerboard: this cover is usually accompanied by eggs, pepper and fried chorizo, all in very small and well-calculated proportions, and it is incredibly tasty.

The espeto de sardinas: more than tapas it is a typical dish from the hottest months of the year, but in Matiz they have taken a masterful turn making it one of their star tapas. In fact, it made them win the past 2018 gastronomic route contest “Malaga de Tapeo”, making it a must-see cover.

Y si se quiere redondear la experiencia de las tapas con algunos de los mejores cocteles de autor en Malaga, una vez más en Matiz se puede disfrutar de  ambas cosas. El corazón de Málaga alberga algunas sorpresas  que merecen ser descubiertas, y si son compartidas en buena compañía, todavía mejor.  And if you want to round off the tapas experience with some of the best signature cocktails in Malaga, once again in Matiz you can enjoy both. The heart of Malaga has some surprises that deserve to be discovered, and if they are shared in good company, still best.

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