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Malaga lives a golden age when it comes to gastronomy. With its ten Michelin stars, it is becoming a benchmark for good food in the region. But it is not necessary to limit ourselves to luxury to find places where we can eat very well with a great value. If you are looking for a place to dine in Malaga, the city is full of great quality stores. From the most classic taverns to the most sophisticated restaurants, charming restaurants in Malaga there are many. But, among all of them, one especially stands out, the best place to dine in Malaga, of course. We are talking about Matiz Restaurant, the best of Malaga Centro restaurants according to our opinion.

donde cenar en malaga restaurante matiz

Where to dine in Malaga? In Matiz

The philosophy of Matiz Restaurant is based on the fact that a simple detail turns the good into exquisite. And so we discover a place in which the micro-experiences in each dish, where the concept of sharing, tasting and experiment takes a new dimension.

Matiz’s cuisine is the work of the famous chef Marcos Granados. Granados has conceived the menu with a gastronomic offer focused on seasonal produce and raw materials. But especially in those nuances that make each dish go one step further and that suppose Granados’ own imprint making them unique and special. For this reason, the chef plays on the menu, and he does it with the textures, the cooking points, with the intensities and with the maturation times. Its intention is to create a gastronomic universe of its own, a seal with unique character materialized in a traditional Mediterranean-based cuisine, reinvented, fresh and current, with details and subtle twists that make each dish tell its own story.

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A meeting point in Málaga Centro

Matiz is much more than a place to dine in Malaga. And therefore it has become one of the meeting places of the Andalusian capital. For this, the restaurant is designed so that we can find what we are looking for at each moment of the day: A breakfast, a menu (they have an executive and a gastronomic one), a la carte lunch, a snack … In addition, the whole menu is designed so that the dishes can be shared, and all this with a very good quality / price ratio. And if you go out for tapas in Malaga, Matiz is your place.

In addition, in its purpose of becoming a meeting point for the people of Malaga, the restaurant incorporates a bar and cocktail service with delicious signature cocktails, making it a versatile space open to the public throughout the day. Matiz also offers a varied monthly agenda of activities around gastronomy, wines and cocktails.

donde cenar en malaga

Of course, Matiz is one of the best restaurants in Malaga Centro, the best place to dine in Malaga.

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