Aguas de Mondariz, el mejor agua del mundo

The waters of Mondariz are mineral-medicinal, pure and crystal clear. Its texture, freshness and evolution in the mouth is almost comparable to the pleasure of tasting a wine. For this reason, Mondariz waters have won awards and are considered to be the best water in the world. Every year, the International Taste Institute of Brussels, the world leader in the evaluation and certification of food and beverages, certifies the highest quality products with three stars for superior taste. This award has been granted to Mondariz waters seven times. More than 200 of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers took part in this evaluation, tasting each product blind. Mondariz water has also been awarded the Diamond Taste Award, the highest recognition […]

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Monte Pinos mineral water

Monte Pinos natural mineral water comes from a single spring located at an altitude of almost 1000 metres in the Sierra de Almazán, Soria.  This eco-geological environment gives Monte Pinos mineral water a mineral composition very low in sodium, which makes it advisable as a water for daily consumption at any age.  Monte Pinos natural mineral water is also recommended in cases of arterial hypertension and heart failure, in slimming diets or for the preparation of children’s food and to keep sportsmen and women hydrated.  Discover it at Vichy Catalan. History of Monte Pinos mineral water In 1934, Mr. Dionisio Navalpotro entered the world of fizzy drinks. Years later, his son Pedro Navalpotro took advantage of his experience in the […]

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If you are looking for a restaurant in Malaga, among the Malaga Centro restaurants you can find a wide and varied gastronomic offer. You can find a multitude of options to enjoy a quality tasting menu in Malaga. But of all the restaurants in Malaga Centro, one stands out that, although it opened not long ago, has gradually carved out its name. This is the Matiz Restaurant, for us the best restaurant in Malaga. Trend that stands out among Malaga Centro restaurants As we were saying, among the Malaga Centro restaurants you can enjoy a wide and varied gastronomic offer. But as in many other fields, in gastronomy we also tend to move due to fads and trends. In recent […]

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scotch bar

El whisky escocés es una de las bebidas más famosas y populares. También es una con las que podemos experimentar un amplia gama de sensaciones, atendiendo al tipo de whisky que estamos tomando. Por ese motivo, es importante tomarlo de la manera correcta. De forma que podamos apreciar todos sus aromas. Para ello nos ayuda el scotch bar de Barcelona del Restaurante Sintonia, uno de los mejores lugares donde tomar un buen whisky escocés. Consejos para tomar el whisky escocés correctamente Nuestros amigos del scotch bar del Restaurante Sintonia han compartido con nosotros los secretos para gozar al máximo de un buen whisky. Toma el whisky en vaso de vidrio Desde luego, si lo deseas puedes beberte tu whisky en […]

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donde cenar en malaga

Malaga lives a golden age when it comes to gastronomy. With its ten Michelin stars, it is becoming a benchmark for good food in the region. But it is not necessary to limit ourselves to luxury to find places where we can eat very well with a great value. If you are looking for a place to dine in Malaga, the city is full of great quality stores. From the most classic taverns to the most sophisticated restaurants, charming restaurants in Malaga there are many. But, among all of them, one especially stands out, the best place to dine in Malaga, of course. We are talking about Matiz Restaurant, the best of Malaga Centro restaurants according to our opinion. Where […]

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Although it is not a very large island the largest of the Balearic Islands, it is very easy to get lost in Mallorca. Especially at lunchtime. Find authentic seafood cuisine in Mallorca can be a challenge. An objective to discover after a maze of places full of guiris, places where it is very likely that they give you cat for hare or chiringuitos beach in which the paella was passed the rice has years. For that reason, we are going to propose a few places where you can enjoy real seafood cuisine in Mallorca. Some tips that will be useful now that we get into the summer and the holidays are approaching. SA PLATGETA DES MAL PAS Located in one of the […]

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