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Thinking of steel, a good detail that pleasantly surprised you, like a dinner in a Malaga restaurant? Whether it is a special celebration, an Important moment, or a daily dinner, giving Matiz, one of the best downtown Malaga restaurants, is a Success. Actually, any moment can be good to make it different, and give it a spark that transforms it. It may be on the weekend, but not necessarily: nothing helps make the week go as smoothly as an unexpected dinner on a Wednesday. For example. And if you are enjoying a tasting menu in Malaga, what more could you ask for? Matiz’s cuisine, considered by many to be the best restaurant in Malaga, is seasonal, Mediterranean and inevitably Andalusian. […]

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The best place to taste tapas in the heart of Malaga

If there is a unique culinary specialty that distinguishes our gastronomy, it is tapas. They offer a wide variety, making it easy to satisfy all tastes and offering a whole range of possibilities. And is that enjoying tapas can be an option as practical as delicious. To satisfy the unexpected hunger between meals, when we have little time, or simply to enrich an aperitif, tapas are simply perfect. In Matiz, one of the best restaurants in Malaga, they explain what some of its most exclusive tapas consist of. Because going for tapas also means enjoying a culinary art that is more important than it seems at first glance. Malaga’s best restaurants for tapas Every place in the Spanish geography has […]

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If you are looking for a restaurant in Malaga, among the Malaga Centro restaurants you can find a wide and varied gastronomic offer. You can find a multitude of options to enjoy a quality tasting menu in Malaga. But of all the restaurants in Malaga Centro, one stands out that, although it opened not long ago, has gradually carved out its name. This is the Matiz Restaurant, for us the best restaurant in Malaga. Trend that stands out among Malaga Centro restaurants As we were saying, among the Malaga Centro restaurants you can enjoy a wide and varied gastronomic offer. But as in many other fields, in gastronomy we also tend to move due to fads and trends. In recent […]

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restaurantes malaga centro

We have often told you about Restaurante Matiz, our favorite place in Malaga. Today we are going to go a little further and we are going to make a selection of the best restaurants in Malaga Centro. For this we are guided in values such as their menu, of course, but also in the atmosphere and decoration of the premises, the service and attention, the tasting menu, or if they offer the possibility of tasting signature cocktails. With these criteria we have created our little guide with the best restaurants in Malaga Centro: García Taberna Located in San Juan de Letrán, 17 it is difficult to find such a charming, modern and cozy place among all the restaurants in Malaga […]

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The advantages of market cuisine

Restaurantes Málaga centro como Matiz destacan por su cocina de mercado

Market cuisine is one of the healthiest and most interesting gastronomic options that exists, such as that offered by some Malaga downtown restaurants. Although market cuisine is still unknown to some people, it stands out for the excellent value for money it offers, as well as the good gastronomic game that you can get from it. Quality, good price and detail, based on the day’s product bought in the market that will be served on the menu. Restaurants Malaga center such as Matiz stand out in that sense, to which we must also add other nuances that distinguish it from the rest. E The result is to enjoy dishes made with fresh seasonal products, something that in itself offers many […]

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tapear en malaga

Tapas are a culinary art. A gastronomic specialty that fits with any taste. Which allows us to test its broad spectrum when we go out for a drink. Perfect when we are not very hungry, when you are in a hurry or when you simply want to taste a variety of dishes. With the help of Matiz Restaurant we will show you the possibilities of tapear in Malaga. And we will do it with a tour of its most famous tapas. And you can not tapas in Malaga without tasting any of these small delicatessen that you will find in the best restaurants in Malaga. Tapear in Malaga, its most famous tapas If you visit a tapas restaurant in Malaga, […]

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donde cenar en malaga

Malaga lives a golden age when it comes to gastronomy. With its ten Michelin stars, it is becoming a benchmark for good food in the region. But it is not necessary to limit ourselves to luxury to find places where we can eat very well with a great value. If you are looking for a place to dine in Malaga, the city is full of great quality stores. From the most classic taverns to the most sophisticated restaurants, charming restaurants in Malaga there are many. But, among all of them, one especially stands out, the best place to dine in Malaga, of course. We are talking about Matiz Restaurant, the best of Malaga Centro restaurants according to our opinion. Where […]

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top restaurantes malaga

Canceled by the wide and excellent gastronomic offer of the Costa del Sol, the one of Malaga capital had been relegated to oblivion. But over time it has been corrected and we can find a growing number of restaurants that are committed to quality cuisine. It is difficult to choose which is the best restaurant in Malaga, so, in today’s article, with less pretensions, we will simply make a TOP Malaga restaurants with which we believe they are the best: TOP Malaga restaurants: Almijara Among the best places to eat in Malaga is, of course, Almijara, a place that has been open since 1989 and that has not stopped reinventing itself until it becomes one of the city’s references. One […]

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restaurante matiz malaga

If you wonder where to dine in Malaga we will talk about our favorite restaurant. We have already talked to you about Matiz Malaga Restaurant, but it is a fantastic place. There are many places to dine in Malaga. And many of them are great. The truth is that it is a city with a great variety and great quality to choose from. But when we visit this magical city we cannot avoid getting lost in the charm of Restaurante Matiz Malaga and, the truth is that there are many reasons. Just as there are many reasons to go out for dinner. It can be a simple dinner with friends, but it can also be a romantic dinner with your […]

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Are you thinking about enjoying a tasting menu in Malaga? A tasting menu that combines with skill the traditional and the most innovative cuisine, that offers that market cuisine based on the quality of the raw material with seasonal ingredients and proximity but that does not neglect the character of the author’s touch? If you are looking for a restaurant in Malaga that keeps the tradition of Malaga cuisine but printing the character of a recognized chef, of course, you have to try the tasting menu in Malaga of Restaurante Matiz. THE BEST TASTING MENU IN MALAGA Led by chef Marcos Granados and barely a year old, Restaurante Matiz de Málaga is the new gastronomic bet of the Hotel Molina Lario. […]

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