Vichy Catalan, the genuine sparkling mineral water

If there is a leading European brand in mineral water, it is Vichy Catalan. Its discovery dates back to 1881, in Caldes de Malavella (Girona), and the architect of the discovery was Dr. Modest Furest i Roca. One of the most remarkable things about the water that flows from the Vichy Catalan spring, at 60ºC and with its own gas, are its health-giving properties. This has positioned Vichy water for many years as one of the best carbonated mineral waters in the world. Vichy Catalan: health, flavour and personality Vichy Catalan carbonated mineral water stands out from the rest for its unique taste, health benefits and organoleptic qualities. Vichy is a water directly linked to gastronomic culture, as it brings […]

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Font D’Or water, a premium water

Font d’Or natural mineral water is not considered to be just any water, even though it is within the reach of all budgets. This water is considered a premium product due to its exceptional quality, the guarantee of which lies in its origin. Font d’Or water comes from a spring located in the heart of the Guilleries granite massif, at an altitude of no less than 1,000 metres. This detail, the result of nature’s whim, is what makes Font d’Or water, one of the Vichy Catalán brands available in La Tienda Vichy, offer an unchanging composition, as the entire production comes from a single spring. Font d’Or is an age-old, rich, healthy water that thousands of consumers have the privilege […]

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Monte Pinos mineral water

Monte Pinos natural mineral water comes from a single spring located at an altitude of almost 1000 metres in the Sierra de Almazán, Soria.  This eco-geological environment gives Monte Pinos mineral water a mineral composition very low in sodium, which makes it advisable as a water for daily consumption at any age.  Monte Pinos natural mineral water is also recommended in cases of arterial hypertension and heart failure, in slimming diets or for the preparation of children’s food and to keep sportsmen and women hydrated.  Discover it at Vichy Catalan. History of Monte Pinos mineral water In 1934, Mr. Dionisio Navalpotro entered the world of fizzy drinks. Years later, his son Pedro Navalpotro took advantage of his experience in the […]

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