cócteles en consideramos la mejor terraza de Colonia Sant Jordi

We have already talked to you sometimes about what we consider the best terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi in Mallorca. In fact, for us, it is the best restaurant in Colonia Sant Jordi. Salicornia Restaurant, in fact, is a cocktail restaurant in Mallorca that fascinates us. And much of the merit is its fantastic terrace with its stunning views.

When we want to have a good time in a cocktail bar in Mallorca, we always go through Salicornia and its terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi to taste the best cocktails in Mallorca.

cócteles mallorca

The terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi with the best views and the best cocktails in Mallorca

Definitely, if you want to try the best cocktails of Mallorca in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, this terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi is the first place you should visit. Especially if what you are looking for is a special place in which to enjoy a good drink in a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere, a place that only inspires calm and tranquility, away from all the tumult of the island.

And is that the terrace of Salicornia enjoys one of the most privileged locations in Mallorca. Located in one of the best areas of the island, with ideal views of the beaches of Es Dolç and Cala Carbó. It is a unique and special place in the Natural Park of Es Trenc with incredible attractions: wonderful beaches, its landscape, nature, sport, culture … The ideal place to enjoy a quiet conversation while tasting the best cocktails in Mallorca.

cócteles en la mejor terraza de Colonia Sant Jordi en Mallorca

The best drinks in one of the best cocktail bars in Mallorca

Usually, from noon, this terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi is transformed into a peaceful and relaxed space. Where to share with friends or with your partner or, why not you alone, of the best author cocktails on the island. But you also have the opportunity to taste the most refreshing and healthy smoothies while we have the opportunity to enjoy the best live music.

When the afternoon comes and the sun begins to set, Salicornia becomes the most famous chill out bar in Mallorca. And no wonder. The cocktails are really delicious. With innovative recipes that you would never have imagined, you can always try those fantastic and healthy natural smoothies that cause so much sensation.

And all in a marine environment that is reflected throughout the premises. With a design that perfectly combines the boho-chic beach style with a pleasant decoration with sailor motifs and turquoise blue details.

Definitely, to enjoy a cocktail in Mallorca, stop by this terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi.

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