Matiz restaurant gift coupon

Thinking of steel, a good detail that pleasantly surprised you, like a dinner in a Malaga restaurant? Whether it is a special celebration, an Important moment, or a daily dinner, giving Matiz, one of the best downtown Malaga restaurants, is a Success. Actually, any moment can be good to make it different, and give it a spark that transforms it. It may be on the weekend, but not necessarily: nothing helps make the week go as smoothly as an unexpected dinner on a Wednesday. For example. And if you are enjoying a tasting menu in Malaga, what more could you ask for?

Matiz’s cuisine, considered by many to be the best restaurant in Malaga, is seasonal, Mediterranean and inevitably Andalusian. That is why it does not lose sight of the best of the gastronomic tradition of that beautiful land, but at the same time it does not stop innovating. In other words: the kitchen of the Matiz restaurant is a perfect cocktail of tradition and modernity. Another strong point to highlight is the highest quality of the raw material that stars in all its dishes. These are seasonal and local products, to ensure quality and flavor, taking advantage of the best that the season offers at every moment of the year.

Gastronomic nuances in a Malaga restaurant

Although Tint may seem like a restaurant many others at first glance, what most differentiates it from the rest is the different nuance that they add to everything they do. That is why they also offer a gift coupon, consisting of their gastronomic menu “Sabor a Málaga”, which leaves no one indifferent. In addition, the coupon can be conveniently purchased through the Matiz website, and is valid for up to 12 months after its purchase. Because surely there will always be an occasion to fill it with nuances that brighten life!

To get an idea of ​​what Matiz’s gastronomic menu is like, the restaurant gives us an example of one of its seasonal proposals:

Antequera beet truncheon with shrimp carpaccio and spicy avocado emulsion.

Antequera MATIZ muffin with Iberian ham, quail egg and cheese.

Fair buñuelos with tartufata, parmesan, Ronda cheese and anise.

Marinated tuna with parmentine potatoes and wheat.

Malaga goat cannelloni gratin, its truffled juice and portobello.

Cheescake with red berries and verdial jam.

Tapas, cocktails and much more

But in addition to its gastronomic menu, Matiz stands out as a tapas restaurant in Malaga and as a cocktail bar. According to the philosophy of Matiz, if any moment is good to enjoy its dishes, it is also good to toast. Its signature cocktails and the careful and pleasant atmosphere of the environment have also made this restaurant in Malaga famous.

Tint explains that being innovative does not mean breaking radically with the traditional, and that sometimes a small variation is enough to achieve something completely new. It can be an aroma, a flavor, a texture, a color … These are details that transform the good into exquisite, a way to reinvent Mediterranean cuisine with freshness and modernity.

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