Enjoy a KM0 menu

The so-called km 0 food products that make up the menu of some of the best restaurants in Mallorca are those that take into account the distance between their point of origin and their place of final consumption.

For a while now, these local products have been a trend, just like the menus at Km O. There has even been a movement called slow food, a gastronomic association that defends food based on environmentalism, sustainable development, biodiversity, trade fair and ethics.

This gastronomic concept seeks to reduce the strong ecological impact of transporting raw materials thousands of kilometers away. But at the same time a healthier and more natural eating style is achieved, since artificial products are not used to preserve food, or in very little quantity.

Salicornia, considered one of the best restaurants in Mallorca, whose cuisine is based on Km 0 or proximity products, explains the requirements that these products must meet.

The Km products of the best restaurants in Mallorca

In the seafood cuisine of Mallorca there is no shortage of the Km 0 menu, starring especially local fish, as in the Salicornia restaurant. This is how proximity products should be:

  • They must be local products produced and consumed within a radius not exceeding 100 k.
  • They are always seasonal products.
  • These are organic products, since their production and transport are subject to regulations to guarantee that they are totally natural foods.
  • These are organic products, since their production and transport are subject to regulations to guarantee that they are totally natural foods.

These are the requirements that the local products that star in the km 0 menu of the best Colonia Sant Jordi restaurants in Mallorca must meet, although these rules extend throughout the national scope.

The advantages of consuming local products

Thanks to the consumption of these products, a series of benefits are achieved in all senses, both individually and collectively:

  • They represent a reduction in environmental pollution and enhance sustainability.
  • They are a fairer form of economy, since the rights of producers are more respected by having fewer intermediaries.
  • Proximity products are a more balanced, healthy and healthy way of eating.
  • The dishes made with products from km 0 are tastier and have greater nutritional value, since they are seasonal and are not handled.
  • Proximity products boost the local economy, including gastronomy, agriculture, fishing and livestock.

It is not surprising that enjoying an authentic KM 0 menu is a trend, because they guarantee a greater enjoyment of flavor while taking care of health and what surrounds us.

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