Grilled Barcelona cuisine is a claim for many people, and one of the reasons is that it is a healthy cooking method. But that does not mean that the dishes are less tasty than others: they can be an authentic gastronomic experience. An example of this is the gastronomic menu that can be enjoyed at the Sintonía restaurant, with chef Pablo Tomás at the forefront of his kitchen.

Sintonía, a Barcelona grill restaurant, opened a little over a year ago in the heart of the Eixample, in a charming passage that also leads to the gardens of the Palau Robert. Its concept was perfect for such a cosmopolitan location: offering a gastronomic space with a tasting menu, accompanied by an original scotch bar. Because for a tabletop to be authentic, there should be no clock, so it is about creating an environment with no room for rush.

Its chef is Pablo Tomás, an aragonese with experience in the legendary Bulli, Azcar and Vía Veneto, among others. All this accumulated knowledge is now reflected in the author’s menu with the Sintonía gastronomic menu, which is based on fresh seasonal produce.

The proposals of Sintonía, the Barcelona grill restaurant

In Sintonía they propose that you forget about time, limiting yourself to enjoying without any restriction, and for this, its kitchen is open from 12:30 to 23:30. Its menu features fresh seasonal produce that can vary depending on the criteria of chef Pablo Tomas, who likes to reinvent himself. Among its dishes, some examples stand out, such as mountain rice, kale trinxat, smoked salmon or Russian gypsy arms … There is also a careful selection of snacks to snack on: oysters, hummus with carrot sticks, natural and grilled oysters, croquettes roasted chicken, or cockles, anchovies 00, gildas, various tables … The same thing happens with dessert: Cheese cake, smoked croissant with milk cream; mango, coconut and pandan, coffee and toffee …

As for the gastronomic menu of this Rosello restaurant, it is a proposal for a complete table, with all the dishes to share. But to get a good idea, it is best to see the dishes that currently make up their menu, taking into account that the chef varies them depending on the season. They are as follows:

  • Cod guilda with piparra and red onion.
  • Grilled oyster.
  • Broken tomato with red tuna belly and purple onion.
  • Roasted chicken and iberian ham croquettes.
  • Fish rice with seafood.
  • Moorish cow tataki, with aubergine and ras el hanout.
  • Fine cheeses of the month.
  • Spicy choco with oil and salt.

There is no shortage of an excellent wine pairing option, because in Sintonía there is no detail left to chance.

The Tuning environment

Taking into account the importance that this Barcelona restaurant attaches to the table, its space is perfect for it. And it does so with elegance and originality, adapting a classic decoration to our times, with two spaces to choose from. In one of them the light is softer, inviting intimacy and confidences. The other room enjoys natural light, with an interior terrace without noise and full of flowers and other details.

There are few excuses not to stop by the Sintonía restaurant, with a kitchen open all day and the possibility of extending a spectacular dinner.

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