Mallorca is one of the most charming islands of the Mediterranean, both in terms of landscape and culture and gastronomy. That’s why eat in Mallorca is another of the attractions of being on the beautiful island. In addition to its dream beaches, picturesque villages and cultural offer, eat in Mallorca is an added value to the stay. Those who are lucky enough to live on the island know this, and the visitor will soon discover that eat in Mallorca may be another reason to go to the pearl of the Mediterranean.

If some places of Mallorca are a must as Palma, its capital, the Sierra de Tramontana, the beaches and coves, the caves of Drach and the national park of Cabrera, the same happens with some of its gastronomic specialties.

We inevitably come to mind the famous “arròs brut”, the irresistible esaimadas, the well-known sobrasada and the fried Mallorcan, typical gastronomic specialties of the island. But it is in some of the best restaurants in Mallorca where we can enjoy a wide range of recipes that will make us experience in all its magnitude what it means to eat on the island.


 The marine culinary proposals are undoubtedly the strong point gastronomically speaking. From the sea to the plate, making recipes with fresh ingredients from the area, which are seasonal, and reconciling the best of tradition with the advantages of avant-garde cuisine: that is the basis of seafood cuisine in Mallorca, guarded by some of your best restaurants.

The objective is to maximize the flavor of each ingredient so that its tasting goes beyond eating: it has to be an entire experience. A careful selection of the best local products contributes to this, among which the fish: scorpion fish, pageles and sea bass, lobsters, lobsters from the area, red shrimp from Sóller … Essential ingredients to make exquisite rice dishes, some dry and others sweet , that if they are also cooked in charcoal coals will constitute an unforgettable dishes.

Arròs brut, lobster rice or seafood rice, each of them cooked in its own container as tradition dictates, are one of the specials to be tasted. The same happens with the fish made in a coal oven, a method used by some of the best restaurants in Mallorca: rock octopus, roasted lobster, fish of the day … And of course also the meats, which roasted in this type of oven will be maximized it’s taste.


In the southeast of the island is the Colònia de Sant Jordi, a lively coastal resort that was once a traditional fishing village. Among the most typical activities of Colònia de Sant Jordi are those destined for lovers of hiking, water sports, cycling, or simply tourism. Its main attractions are natural, such as the Es Trenc beach and the national park and the Cabrera marine reserve.

But in addition to the natural wonders that surround the area and that are a must for visitors and athletes, the restaurants in the Colònia de Sant Jordi are a further incentive of the place.

Some of them, like the Salicornia restaurant, perfectly represent the authentic traditional seafood cuisine, in an environment decorated with nautical motifs and a terrace facing the sea where you can also have a drink enjoying the surroundings.

Dishes made with fresh local products that inspire exquisite salmorejos with mussels, fideuás of seafood, rice, fish … Mediterranean ingredients for a cuisine with authentic taste of the sea in a privileged environment.

There are many options for different enjoyment for those who visit the area, and if they discover one thing is sure: they will want to return.

And think that, the best of all options is Restaurante Salicornia, the best restraurant in Mallorca.

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