Opened in February last year, the Sintonia Restaurant was born with the idea of creating a new restaurant in Barcelona with a new philosophy. Located in Hotel Gallery, this restaurant was created with the idea in mind that eating, drinking and enjoying a good after-dinner are things that take time, that can be done without haste. And that a restaurant in Barcelona makes such a proposal to us is, to say the least, interesting.

Sintonia restaurante barcelona

Sintonia Restaurant, a place to delight and not watch the clock

At the Sintonia Restaurant everything is designed so that you arrive free of charges. So you do not look at the clock and enjoy the experience. A good meal, a good dinner or a quiet drink with friends.

To do this, it has created a unique gastronomic space in which, without doubling turns, the kitchen is open all day. That way you don’t have to run to get to meal time. You can enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience at the time you want. You will find the best grilled cuisine in Barcelona at a time that suits you. And an author and product menu that combines traditional dishes with a subtle innovative touch. Delicious dishes such as kale trinxat, smoked salmon or its original Russian gypsy arms; the most classic ones like the bouillabaisse with saffron Mediterranean fish, the Roman Carbonara, the Hake Papillote with vegetables or Sirloin, Parmentier and Café París; or the exceptional specialty of Salicornia: the steak tartar, served in a container created by José Piñeiro with a selection of toppings of your choice. Caviar, oysters, smoked eel, fried egg or mascarpone, to complete.

restaurante sintonia steak tartar

Much more than a simple restaurant in Barcelona

In the Sintonia Restaurant the kitchen is open from 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm. You rule, you will always have time. But also the gastronomic proposal is completed with an interesting list of snacks and snacks (oysters, hummus with carrot sticks, natural and grilled oysters, roasted chicken croquettes, or cockles, anchovies 00, gildas and various tables) to cover the between hours, the good after dinner.

In addition, in Sintonia they give special importance to the desktop. For this they have a space divided into two areas with a set of lights. On the one hand, the interior room, more subdued. On the other hand, where the natural light hits, the interior terrace decontaminated with noise and full of flowers and details. And the so-called hothouse, the pre-terrace, a space won over to the room that also drinks from the sky. You choose. Do you have time.

You can choose any restaurant in Barcelona where you can eat quickly or where you can taste delicious dishes. But in few places you will appreciate the time as in the Sintonia Restaurant.

restaurante sintonia

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