To enjoy a spa and food experience in Barcelona, ​​the Sintonía restaurant is proposed as one of the most recommended. And it is that its gastronomic proposal, based on hours of cooking and a lot of flavor, results in a traditional cuisine renovated with the freshest products on the market. Getting a healthy kitchen, cooked over low heat and charcoal fire, is a claim for those who like good food while taking care of themselves.

The space, the food and the environment intervene in it, all fused creating a perfect “harmony” and an exceptional experience. The spa & food experience of the Barcelona Sintonía restaurant consists of a 30-minute Jacuzzi, followed by a message of another 30 minutes, and crowned by a gastronomic menu. An ideal experience to share with your partner, or even to give as a gift.

But beyond the particularity of the spa & fook experience, Sintonía is a novelty in the heart of Barcelona, ​​a perfect space to extend the after-dinner and enjoy exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.

A spa and food experience in Barcelona with a Mediterranean flavor

Beyond the spa and jacuzzi experience offered by Sintonía, it is necessary to highlight, and a lot, its gastronomic proposal that adapts to the products of each season and the creativity of the chef. It is a style of cooking based on the slow fire, the embers and a lot of my or. The dishes it offers are as succulent as they are healthy: mountain rice, kale trinxat, smoked salmon, Russian gypsy arms… The chef likes to innovate, but always starting from the freshness of the raw material, which offers the flavor and all the advantages of seasonal products.

A varied offer of snacks and tapas must be added to the main dishes on the menu, but within the framework of healthy food. Hummus with carrot sticks, raw and grilled oysters, roasted chicken croquettes, cockles, anchovies km 0 or gildas, are some of the proposals to snack on. Desserts also deserve special attention: house cheese cake, smoked croissant with milk cream; mango, coconut and pandan, coffee and toffee… The “ex Bulli” chef Pablo Tomás constantly reinvents himself, and he perfectly reflects it in the brasserie Barcelona cuisine that is unpleasant in Sintonía.

The importance of space itself

The Barcelona Sintonía restaurant is made up of a classic space brought adapted to the 21st century, with two divided areas to choose from. One of them, the interior room, is more subdued and fosters intimacy. In the other space, natural light predominates, highlighting an interior terrace free of noise and bursting with flowers and details. It also has a greenhouse or pre-terrace, space gained from the living room from which you can enjoy the sky through glass.

The decoration is based on contemporary style and noble materials such as marble, wood and stone, and the counterpoint is provided by the upholstery, in lively tones. There could be a lack of lighting studied in detail, to provide intimacy, tranquility and invite confidences and shared secrets. What more can you ask of a space?

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