Cócteles por Málaga

Malaga is one of the ideal places to enjoy the best cocktails. And one of the keys is their exceptional local products. Starting with its varieties of wines, the delicious spirits that are made in the villages of the mountains and ending with the fact that Ronda has its own production of gin and tequila. In fact, a few months ago the event Cocktails in Malaga was held and it was a success.

Cócteles por Málaga

Cocktails in Malaga

The city has experienced, during these last years, a remarkable growth and highlights the cocktail bars in Malaga in which it is committed to increasing quality and elaborate. That is why, last spring, 359 Cocktail Concept decided to support different cocktail bars in Malaga with their Cocktails for Malaga event. A route that gave visibility to 14 stores in the province in which they bet on a quality cocktail offer.

This route through the cocktail bar of Malaga ended on June 30 and toured the following locations: La Sole del Pimpi, Matiz Restaurant, Premier Center Room, Chester & Punk, Lemon Cocktails & Gin bar, Sol Y Mar, Blackberry Lounge café, Speakeasy Jazz Club & Cocktails, Wattana Cocktail, Tonka Club Cocktail Bar, Bagasse, Speakeasy “The Pharmacy”, People’s Life and 1804 Cocktail Bar.

Cócteles por Málaga

For the route, customers had a booklet where they got a stamp from each of the places where they have taken the cocktails. Upon completion, the customer had to deposit it in one of the two mailboxes located in the restaurants La Sole Del Pimpi (Zegrí Street, 4) and Matiz (Bolsa Street, 14). Those who completed the route won a pairing dinner without any raffle, and entered a raffle to conduct a cocktail course at 359 Cocktail Concept.

The best signature cocktails in Malaga

Cocktails in Malaga gave the opportunity to visit the best cocktail bars in Malaga and try their creations. But of all the ones we visited, the one we liked most was the Matiz Restaurant, on Bolsa Street, in the center.

In our opinion, if you are looking for the best signature cocktails in Malaga, the best option is the Matiz Restaurant cocktail bar. The motives? It is certainly not only because of its pleasant atmosphere and its unique location. It has a lot to do with the magic of the bartender. The good work of a professional who is up to date with new trends in cocktails and more drinks in general. They especially highlight the rescue and reinterpretation of classic cocktails. Old recipes that are given a current touch, transforming them into new creations.

cocteles de autor en malaga

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