Agua Font del Regas

Font Regas water is characterised by its low mineralisation, which makes it a water of great quality and pleasant taste. Moreover, Regas water is not only suitable for preparing cooking dishes, it can also be used with cooking dishes and is ideal for the treatment of high blood pressure.

Regas font water has always been characterised by consumers, retailers and distributors finding practical and convenient solutions, with the aim of providing the best water in the best packaging.  It has the advantages of practicality and convenience: the compact, stackable design saves space, and its ergonomic handle makes it easy to handle and carry.

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History of Font del Regàs water

Regas water was born in Arbúcies (Girona) in the vicinity of the magnificent Montseny Natural Park. This explains the balanced purity of its composition, known for its refined taste. 

The spring was discovered in 1887 and even then its water was recognised as ‘excellent’ by the analyses of the Barcelona Medical-Pharmaceutical Academy. When the first bottling plant was inaugurated in 1890, it was renamed Manantial Reina Regente in honour of Queen Maria Christina of Austria.

The 1970s: A new era for Font de Regas water

In the 1960s, the distribution of Font del Regas water covered the whole of Spain, although its main consumers were in Catalonia, Levante and the Canary Islands. 

The water was distributed with the slogan “FUENTE DEL REGÀS from the Montseny plot to your lips”, and the traditional 8-litre jug was complemented with a new half-litre of water.

On 9 April 1973, the new company Font del Regàs, SA was created and a new bottling plant was built a few metres away from the previous factory. The new facility was put into operation from 1975 to 1976.

All about Font de Regas water

Ingredients and allergens

Dry residue (167.0 mg/l), bicarbonates (111.0 mg/l), sulphates (9.2 mg/l), chlorides (18.9 mg/l), silica (21.6 mg/l), calcium (26.6 mg/l), magnesium (1.3 mg/l) and sodium (28.2 mg/l).

Storage and use

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and intense.

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