Font D’Or water, a premium water

Font d’Or natural mineral water is not considered to be just any water, even though it is within the reach of all budgets. This water is considered a premium product due to its exceptional quality, the guarantee of which lies in its origin.

Font d’Or water comes from a spring located in the heart of the Guilleries granite massif, at an altitude of no less than 1,000 metres. This detail, the result of nature’s whim, is what makes Font d’Or water, one of the Vichy Catalán brands available in La Tienda Vichy, offer an unchanging composition, as the entire production comes from a single spring.

Font d’Or is an age-old, rich, healthy water that thousands of consumers have the privilege of drinking every day, with all the health benefits that this entails. But in addition to its recognised health properties, it is also an ideal water for making the best gastronomic creations. Some of the most internationally renowned chefs use it to prepare their best dishes.

Font D’or water and its medals

The name of this water certainly does it justice: in a certain sense, it is gold. For this reason, associations and prestigious Spanish entities of which professionals from the hotel and catering, restaurant, nutrition and cocktail world are members, have awarded Font d’Or natural mineral water their highest distinction. We are referring to the gold medals for quality, an award that only a select few can hold.

The gold medals for quality that appear on the labelling of all bottles and bottles of Font d’Or natural mineral water have been awarded by the:

  • Spanish Hotel and Catering Federation (FEHR)
  • Association of Barmans of the Community of Madrid
  • Catalan Cuisine Institute (Institut Català de la Cuina)
  • Federation of Spanish Chefs and Pastry Chefs (FACYRE)
  • Euro-Toques España, European Community of Chefs
  • Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)

It should be noted that this natural mineral water is the only one in Spain to hold the gold medals for quality from all these associations and professional bodies at the same time. It may now be easier to understand why Font D’Or is a premium water, or a golden water.

The different formats to enjoy this water

There are up to four different formats:

  • Classic returnable glass: with the Triple E rating, synonymous with Excellent, Economical and Ecological product. Vichy Catalán asks for a deposit for the box and the bottles. Once consumed, if all the bottles and the box are returned, the deposit is refunded.
  • Maximum returnable glass: a Premium format for a water that has won 6 gold medals for quality from the main Spanish associations and organisations that train professionals in the hotel, catering, nutrition and cocktail sector.
  • 5 L carafe format: in packs of 4. Very practical for the preparation of baby food and low sodium diets.
  • Can: a 330 ml aluminium container, 100% recyclable. The can format completes the offer in all channels, especially in Retail and Horeca.

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