Although it is not a very large island the largest of the Balearic Islands, it is very easy to get lost in Mallorca. Especially at lunchtime. Find authentic seafood cuisine in Mallorca can be a challenge. An objective to discover after a maze of places full of guiris, places where it is very likely that they give you cat for hare or chiringuitos beach in which the paella was passed the rice has years.

For that reason, we are going to propose a few places where you can enjoy real seafood cuisine in Mallorca. Some tips that will be useful now that we get into the summer and the holidays are approaching.

cocina marinera


Located in one of the best beaches of Alcudia, in the north of the island (Playa Es Mal Pas, s / n), we can find what is probably the best seafood bar in Mallorca.

A very basic and very small place but with a great atmosphere and incredible views. The fresh sardines are amazing. And then you can have a relaxed cocktail with your feet on the beach.

cocina marinera mallorca


Located in Camí Can Blau, 42, this inn is one of the most characteristic of the north of Mallorca. It is a family restaurant with a great cook who knows the traditional Mallorcan cuisine.

cocina marinera


Located in Carrer Sirena, 11, when we talk about Sa Roqueta we are talking about category. Top quality seafood cuisine and a veteran chef to the management of this family business.

Baked fish, dried or sweet rices, vegetable dishes with seafood … This place has been in the seafood business for thirty years.

cocina marinera mallorca


At the foot of Colonia Sant Jordi (Gabriel Roca s / n), in an incomparable location for a cuisine with a taste of the sea, is what we consider the best seafood restaurant in Mallorca: the new Salicornia Restaurant.

Its very name, salicornia, already evokes that fleshy plant typical of salty waters and that, increasingly, is used as a dressing in haute cuisine. A name that is all a manifesto of intentions. Because Salicornia Restaurant is a gastronomic space with personality and elegance, full of light and subtlety. A place that invites you to stop on the promenade to enjoy its seafood cuisine, cocktails and vermouths and snacks.

And, indeed, how could it be otherwise, his cuisine is eminently marine. Prepared with fresh products and proximity. Giving rise to exquisite traditional recipes but updated with the unique and personal style of chef Pablo Tomás.

We find a marine gastronomic proposal in which the best local products have been selected every day. From scorpion fish, pageles and sea bass to red shrimp from Sóller, lobsters and lobsters from the area, with which they make their fantastic dry and sweet rice dishes, or roast in their charcoal coals. If you have not yet had the opportunity to try the best seafood cuisine in Mallorca from Salicornia Restaurant, do not miss your chance this summer.

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