scotch bar en Barcelona

Barely a year old, the Sintonia Restaurant has already built a reputation in the Eixample of Barcelona. Also known as Gallery Restaurant for being on the ground floor of the Gallery Hotel has asserted as one of its biggest attractions being one of the first Scotch bar in Barcelona.

In this way, Restaurante Sintonia combines an attractive gastronomic offer commanded by its chef Pablo Tomás, with an extraordinary schedule, a cozy and great atmosphere, a unique location, and the opportunity to enjoy a scotch bar in Barcelona, a unique experience.

scotch bar en Barcelona

What is a scotch bar

If you don’t know what a scotch bar is, you don’t know what you’re missing. Although perhaps you already intuit it. “Scotch” surely suggests something related to Scotland, the Highlands. Surely you’ve already imagined a bar specializing in whiskeys. Indeed, a good Scotch bar is a local specialized in whiskeys, but it is also much more. It is not a bar where you can only have a good whiskey.

Let’s look for example at the Sintonia Restaurant, our Scotch bar in Barcelona. The first thing that stands out is the atmosphere. A special atmosphere in which hospitality, tranquility. A space to have a good time, chatting and tasting a good drink. That good drink that, of course, doesn’t have to be a whishy. You can be advised by Patricia Pacho, the head of the room and responsible for the scotch bar to prepare some of the cocktails of a lifetime with a personal touch or to surprise you with one of the exclusive recipes of the house.

scotch bar en Barcelona

Sintonia restaurant, a scotch bar in Barcelona

Of course, the specialty of a scotch bar like that of the Sintonia Restaurant are whiskeys. And in your letter you will find a great variety. Starting with the Scots: Speyside whiskey from the Strathspey region, Highlands and Lowlands whiskey, Islay whiskey, Campbeltown, Hebrides Islands whiskey or those best known by the blended public.

But you will also find whiskeys from around the world. Like the great Irish whiskey, considered the oldest in the world; Japanese whiskey, second single malt producer after Scotland; American bourbons distilled from corn; or curiosities such as Canadian whiskey made with corn and malted rye, French with its cognac savoir faire, molasses-based Indian or potato-based Basque.

But the goal of Restaurante Sintonia is to have a good time having a drink. That is why you can also enjoy the best gins, the best vodkas, the best brands of rum and cachaça, tequilas, mezcal, sotol, cognacs, brandys and armagnacs, digestive liquors and snacks. Therefore, we consider it the best Scotch bar in Barcelona.

restaurante sintonia

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