Malavella is a carbonated mineral water that springs from the Font de la Mina spring in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) at a temperature of 58ºC. Its mineral qualities give it its own original personality. It is water with sodium bicarbonate.

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How is Malavella carbonated mineral water obtained?

According to a 1996 report by the IGME (Spanish Institute of Geology and Mining), after a long journey through the depths of the earth for more than 10,000 years, Malavella carbonated mineral water comes out of the spring with its own gas. 

During this journey, at a temperature of over 100ºC, the carbonated mineral water is nourished by various minerals which give it special properties.

It is recommended to drink Malavella carbonated mineral water cold to better appreciate its sensory qualities. Its quality has passed the certification of international quality and food safety standards.

Gold award for the best packaging 2002

Malavella natural carbonated mineral water is packaged in the original glass container that won the 2002 Gold Award for Best Packaging at the 14th International Food and Beverage Food Exhibition, and in the classic container that won the 2014 Liderpack Best Beverage Award packaging.

Malavella sparkling mineral water sizes

Malavella is available in 0.75 L and 0.33 L specifications. Its avant-garde design is inspired by the characteristic shape of the old water tank. This contrast achieves a pure, elegant, young and suggestive bottle silhouette. The bold label design is also a simple allegory of this high quality water rich in minerals.

Malavella Classic, the bottle is inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudi, is very suitable for working in hotel channels, and is available in 1 L, 0.5 L and 0.25 L specifications.


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