If you are looking for a restaurant in Malaga, among the Malaga Centro restaurants you can find a wide and varied gastronomic offer. You can find a multitude of options to enjoy a quality tasting menu in Malaga. But of all the restaurants in Malaga Centro, one stands out that, although it opened not long ago, has gradually carved out its name. This is the Matiz Restaurant, for us the best restaurant in Malaga.

Matiz restaurantes malaga centro

Trend that stands out among Malaga Centro restaurants

As we were saying, among the Malaga Centro restaurants you can enjoy a wide and varied gastronomic offer. But as in many other fields, in gastronomy we also tend to move due to fads and trends. In recent years, the trend that has gained more strength is market cuisine, with local products and dishes of a lifetime. And it is also the trend that is sweeping this year.

Food critics, restaurant lovers and prestigious chefs agree on the same opinion. When we are looking for a gastronomic experience we are no longer looking only for great and excellent elaborations that surprise us only for their innovation. Before we did like to visit the restaurants to taste the newest creations of the highest cuisine. But nowadays we are looking for the most traditional dishes. Those dishes that we have stopped preparing at home due to the little time we have to spend in the kitchen. And, above all, we place great value on the raw material, the product. It is important that it is local, fresh, seasonal and of quality.

In short, the diner demands those dishes of a lifetime with first-class ingredients and treated with respect. Although we accept the innovation of some small nuance. That is what the Matiz Restaurant offers us and it is what makes it one of the best restaurants in Malaga Centro and makes us say that it is the best restaurant in Malaga.

Matiz restaurante málaga cocina mediterranea

Matiz Restaurant, authentic Mediterranean flavor

Located on Calle Bolsa 14, at the Hotel Molina Lario, Matiz Restaurant has become the standard bearer for the most traditional authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Passed by the sieve staff of its chef Marcos Granados, awarded by the Malaga Gastronomic Academy as Best Chef.

We will only find good product, balanced recipes and careful elaborations. In which everything fits and responds to a philosophy where every detail has its importance. And we can experience the Mediterranean, Andalusian and Malaga character through delicious recipes in which the traditional prevails over the innovation. But modernity is present through the subtle personal touches of its chef. In short, a product Mediterranean cuisine, with slight concessions to creativity.

Matiz mejor restaurante malaga

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