The first one arrived and with it the desire to make plans by the sea, such as going to a cocktail bar restaurant in Mallorca, one of the most beautiful tourist enclaves in the country. Enjoy a cocktail on a terrace by the sea, caressed by the breeze and the warmth of the sun, in good company and forgetting everything else. In Salicornia, a cocktail bar restaurant in Mallorca, the countdown has already started to offer the good times we are all waiting for.

This year, maybe more than ever, which means that when the time comes to live it, we will enjoy it much more. And romantic plans, too. Any excuse is good to organize a romantic plan, either to commemorate a date, good news, or simply to surprise the couple.

Cocktails in Mallorca are synonymous with leisure, joy and well-being, especially if they are taken in a perfect environment such as a terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi. In the middle of the afternoon or at night, the cocktails and the surroundings of the Salicornia are the perfect ingredients for a romantic plan. Both inside the restaurant and on its terrace, a cocktail in Salicornia is always a plus.

The cocktail can be taken at any time of the day, and there are many types: night, refreshing, restorative, digestive … Arguably, there is a perfect cocktail for every moment, and the Mallorca Salicornia cocktail bar, which is also a restaurant, prepares them all.

Mallorca restaurant cocktails: author cocktails and much more

In addition to the wide variety of ingredients that can make up a cocktail, it can be direct, refreshed, agitated, frozzen or flambéed. If it is a romantic plan, it does not hurt that the preparation of the cocktail requires you to set fire, so it would be a flambé.

The modality of the so-called direct cocktail is one in which its ingredients are mixed in the glass, while for the preparation of the refreshed cocktail they are mixed in the cocktail shaker. The most classic cocktail par excellence is the one prepared by shaking the shaker, and for the frozzen a blender is required to grind the ice and achieve a consistency similar to ice cream or slush.

But in Salicornia you can not only enjoy magnificent signature cocktails both on its terrace on the promenade and in the interior care of the premises. It also stands out for the excellent gastronomic offer on its menu, so a romantic evening that brings together both cannot be less than perfect.

An island, a cocktail and the best of companies

A place to enjoy all year round, the mythical beauty of the island of Mallorca has the same effect as the siren song: impossible to resist once it is discovered. Mallorca offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean all year round, and in addition to its dreamy coves, it offers one of the best preserved wild natures in the eastern Mediterranean area.

Contrasts predominate in its landscape, such as the Sierra de Tramuntana, and the Cabrera Maritime and Terrestrial National Park with its group of islands and islets. The ecosystem of this island is a magnet for anyone looking for a place of enjoyment combined with love and respect for nature. And in the southeast of the island, in the coastal complex Colonia de Sant Jordi, the Salicornia cocktail restaurant awaits you as the setting for your best moments in Mallorca.

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