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If you wonder where to dine in Malaga we will talk about our favorite restaurant. We have already talked to you about Matiz Malaga Restaurant, but it is a fantastic place. There are many places to dine in Malaga. And many of them are great. The truth is that it is a city with a great variety and great quality to choose from. But when we visit this magical city we cannot avoid getting lost in the charm of Restaurante Matiz Malaga and, the truth is that there are many reasons.

Just as there are many reasons to go out for dinner. It can be a simple dinner with friends, but it can also be a romantic dinner with your partner, or a special celebration with the family, or an event or a party. Any excuse is good to celebrate dinner at Restaurante Matiz, our best restaurant in Malaga.

restaurante matiz malaga

Matiz Malaga restaurant, nuances and pleasures

As we said, there are many reasons to choose Restaurante Matiz Malaga for your special dinner. Maybe we are not objective, we know that, we do not stop saying that it is the best restaurant in Malaga, but let us explain ourselves.

An exquisite place in a perfect location

Before talking about gastronomy, it is important to talk about the space in which we are going to eat and Matiz Restaurant is a unique place. Located in the center of Malaga, surrounded by the marks that the different civilizations of yesteryear have left in the city: Arabic, Phoenicians, Romans … There are innumerable monuments and points of interest in the historic center of the city. The Roman Theater, the Cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle, the Central Market of Atarazanas, the Merced squares and the Constitution, the emblematic Larios street. There we find the Matiz Malaga Restaurant, in a unique space.

In a special atmosphere with a decoration pleasantly suitable for conversation and good food. A space created expressly to convey sensations and emotions that make the stay at Matiz Restaurant an experience.

restaurante malaga,

A gastronomic proposal focused on market cuisine

The ideal place does not turn any space into the best restaurant in Malaga. The effort of chef Marcos Granados has a lot to do. And it is that Matiz Restaurant has become, in a short time, champion of market cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. An innovative concept of market cuisine with an Andalusian air, an innovative cuisine based on the quality of the raw material with seasonal ingredients and proximity.

A space of sensations

Because Matiz Malaga Restaurant is not limited to its gastronomic offer. Its signature cocktails also make Matiz a benchmark if you are looking for a bar in Malaga where you can enjoy a good drink. And its live music and concert cycles make the Matiz experience much more than a dinner or a meal with friends.

restaurant malaga

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