coctelerias en malaga

We often talk about Restaurante Matiz, one of our favorite places to eat in the south. But what you may not know is that Matiz is also one of the best cocktail bars in Malaga, or at least one of the best places to taste signature cocktails in Malaga. Your bartender is a specialist and that is why we have asked him for advice to explain what are the elements that make up a good cocktail. Who better than the person in charge of one of the best cocktail bars in Malaga to advise us on the subject! Elements that make up a good cocktail Each cocktail is made up of the union of various ingredients. Each element has its […]

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Cócteles por Málaga

Malaga is one of the ideal places to enjoy the best cocktails. And one of the keys is their exceptional local products. Starting with its varieties of wines, the delicious spirits that are made in the villages of the mountains and ending with the fact that Ronda has its own production of gin and tequila. In fact, a few months ago the event Cocktails in Malaga was held and it was a success. Cocktails in Malaga The city has experienced, during these last years, a remarkable growth and highlights the cocktail bars in Malaga in which it is committed to increasing quality and elaborate. That is why, last spring, 359 Cocktail Concept decided to support different cocktail bars in Malaga […]

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