restaurante cocina marinera

Today we will talk about what we can find in a seafood restaurant. And for this we have consulted experts, our friends at Restaurante Salicornia, one of the best restaurants in Colonia Sant Jordi de Mallorca and the best seafood restaurant we know. So together with Salicornia Restaurant we are going to discover the secrets of seafood cuisine. Mediterranean seafood cuisine Mediterranean seafood cuisine not only refers to a specific diet typical of Mediterranean countries. It is also a way of understanding life and gastronomy. Famous and popular above all for its healthy benefits, these are due to the characteristic variety of the Mediterranean diet. The combination of vegetables, nuts, blue fish and lean meats achieves a varied, healthy and […]

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Mallorca is one of the most charming islands of the Mediterranean, both in terms of landscape and culture and gastronomy. That’s why eat in Mallorca is another of the attractions of being on the beautiful island. In addition to its dream beaches, picturesque villages and cultural offer, eat in Mallorca is an added value to the stay. Those who are lucky enough to live on the island know this, and the visitor will soon discover that eat in Mallorca may be another reason to go to the pearl of the Mediterranean. If some places of Mallorca are a must as Palma, its capital, the Sierra de Tramontana, the beaches and coves, the caves of Drach and the national park of Cabrera, […]

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