Matiz restaurant gift coupon

Thinking of steel, a good detail that pleasantly surprised you, like a dinner in a Malaga restaurant? Whether it is a special celebration, an Important moment, or a daily dinner, giving Matiz, one of the best downtown Malaga restaurants, is a Success. Actually, any moment can be good to make it different, and give it a spark that transforms it. It may be on the weekend, but not necessarily: nothing helps make the week go as smoothly as an unexpected dinner on a Wednesday. For example. And if you are enjoying a tasting menu in Malaga, what more could you ask for? Matiz’s cuisine, considered by many to be the best restaurant in Malaga, is seasonal, Mediterranean and inevitably Andalusian. […]

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The advantages of market cuisine

Restaurantes Málaga centro como Matiz destacan por su cocina de mercado

Market cuisine is one of the healthiest and most interesting gastronomic options that exists, such as that offered by some Malaga downtown restaurants. Although market cuisine is still unknown to some people, it stands out for the excellent value for money it offers, as well as the good gastronomic game that you can get from it. Quality, good price and detail, based on the day’s product bought in the market that will be served on the menu. Restaurants Malaga center such as Matiz stand out in that sense, to which we must also add other nuances that distinguish it from the rest. E The result is to enjoy dishes made with fresh seasonal products, something that in itself offers many […]

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restaurante matiz malaga

If you wonder where to dine in Malaga we will talk about our favorite restaurant. We have already talked to you about Matiz Malaga Restaurant, but it is a fantastic place. There are many places to dine in Malaga. And many of them are great. The truth is that it is a city with a great variety and great quality to choose from. But when we visit this magical city we cannot avoid getting lost in the charm of Restaurante Matiz Malaga and, the truth is that there are many reasons. Just as there are many reasons to go out for dinner. It can be a simple dinner with friends, but it can also be a romantic dinner with your […]

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