tapear en malaga

Tapas are a culinary art. A gastronomic specialty that fits with any taste. Which allows us to test its broad spectrum when we go out for a drink. Perfect when we are not very hungry, when you are in a hurry or when you simply want to taste a variety of dishes. With the help of Matiz Restaurant we will show you the possibilities of tapear in Malaga. And we will do it with a tour of its most famous tapas.

And you can not tapas in Malaga without tasting any of these small delicatessen that you will find in the best restaurants in Malaga.

tapear en malaga

Tapear in Malaga, its most famous tapas

If you visit a tapas restaurant in Malaga, there are always a series of tapas that are more or less common to all of them. Each one with his idiosyncrasy will present them to us. They are tapas that we can not stop trying yes or yes. As our friends at Restaurante Matiz explain to us, they are the essentials of tapas in Malaga.

Sardine Espeto

Although it is not a cover itself, if we think of the most typical delicacies of the city, few will be those who do not think quickly about the sardines. Typical of the summer months, the most purists always remember that they can only be taken in months that do not include the letter “r” in their name. That is, from May to August.

Precisely Matiz Restaurant won in November 2018 the Tribute that Victoria Beers made to the mirror in that year’s edition of its “Malaga de Tapeo” route.

tapear en malaga

White garlic

Another classic of the tapas restaurant in Malaga is the ajoblanco. Also known as white gazpacho, it consists of a cold soup whose main base is bread, garlic and ground almonds. It is usually taken with grapes and melon chips.


Of course, there is nothing more Malaga than the gazpachuelo. A hot soup typical of fishermen in the region. It is a fish stock with a base of mayonnaise, potatoes and bread. In some towns in the interior of the province it is also prepared without fish.

Fried fish

In Malaga, restaurants, bars and beach bars where you can enjoy fried fish are legion. Also known as malagueña fritura, the combination of squid, tipillitas, chopitos, mullets, cazón, piglets and others is the best accompaniment of a very cool beer. The dilemma is whether or not to squirt it with lemon.

Pickled anchovies

The anchovies in vinegar are the Spanish sushi and one of the tapas that the anchovies enjoy most – informal officiating of the Malaga people -, especially when the summer heat arrives. Marinated in a mixture of EVOO and vinegar, they are seasoned with garlic and parsley and left floating in the resulting brine so that they acquire all the possible flavor.

pescaito frito tapear en malaga

Lean with tomatoes

Another classic recipe when it comes to tapas in Malaga is lean with tomato. The important thing about this dish is that the meat is tender like water. And if we accompany this lid with some fries, the day may be fixed or even better.

Orza loin

Ideal for the colder months, the loin of orza is usually served in a large portion surrounded by a couple of fried eggs, potatoes, peppers and sausages, all very discreet and restrained, but also some places serve it more modestly as a tapa.

As our friends at Restaurante Matiz tell us, these are some of the most famous tapas in the Mediterranean city. But we must not forget many others such as stuffed piquillo peppers, stewed croquettes, pil pil shrimps, almond sauce meatballs, the thin shell, pintarroja caldito, Victorian anchovies, the classic loin montadito, Pipirrana, Russian salad, antequerana baton or shrimp tortilla.

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