The advantages of market cuisine

Restaurantes Málaga centro como Matiz destacan por su cocina de mercado

Market cuisine is one of the healthiest and most interesting gastronomic options that exists, such as that offered by some Malaga downtown restaurants. Although market cuisine is still unknown to some people, it stands out for the excellent value for money it offers, as well as the good gastronomic game that you can get from it.

Quality, good price and detail, based on the day’s product bought in the market that will be served on the menu. Restaurants Malaga center such as Matiz stand out in that sense, to which we must also add other nuances that distinguish it from the rest.

E The result is to enjoy dishes made with fresh seasonal products, something that in itself offers many possibilities. To this basic detail that underlies market cuisine, we must add the creative capacity of the chef to achieve new creations. Something in which Matiz are specialists, and that undoubtedly influences that it is considered one of the best restaurants in Malaga. Km0 products, freshness, quality and market cuisine reinvented and current but faithful to the Mediterranean character.

Restaurants Malaga center: Does everyone offer market cuisine?

It is easy to find restaurants in all places in Spain that advertise their market cuisine, but it is worth checking if they are in line with reality. One of the most effective keys to verify this is that the products that make up the menu are seasonal. This implies that being a fresh product, it offers more flavor and nutritional properties.

Frozen products are not recommended in market cuisine because, unlike fresh ones, their properties are reduced. And the considered sustainable products also occupy a prominent place in this type of market cuisine.

Therefore, one of the characteristics of this type of cuisine is that it is not always possible to know with certainty what to serve, which can also be an incentive for good chefs, who will put all their resources into action. A Malaga restaurant whose kitchen team is specialized in making the best of true market cuisine is Matiz.

Betting safe to eat well in Malaga

However, it is essential to know the market and the raw materials well in order to obtain dishes that are not only of quality, but if possible with an innovative element. And if in addition to that they offer different possibilities for the different moments of the day, better than better. That is exactly what the Matiz Restaurant does, in the heart of the center of Malaga.

From breakfast to mid-morning tapas, lunch at noon, dinner at night and then drinks … To be able to link all those moments and possibilities in a unique atmosphere, careful and full of nuances that perfectly reflect the name of the restaurant.

Market cuisine based on excellent quality raw materials, taking advantage of the best that nature offers us at all times of the year. Innovation and respect for the best of the gastronomic tradition, cocktails and an agenda with leisure activities that can be enjoyed in its premises, await you in a place in the center of Malaga full of nuances: the Matiz restaurant.

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