restaurante cocina marinera

Today we will talk about what we can find in a seafood restaurant. And for this we have consulted experts, our friends at Restaurante Salicornia, one of the best restaurants in Colonia Sant Jordi de Mallorca and the best seafood restaurant we know. So together with Salicornia Restaurant we are going to discover the secrets of seafood cuisine.

restaurante cocina marinera

Mediterranean seafood cuisine

Mediterranean seafood cuisine not only refers to a specific diet typical of Mediterranean countries. It is also a way of understanding life and gastronomy.

Famous and popular above all for its healthy benefits, these are due to the characteristic variety of the Mediterranean diet. The combination of vegetables, nuts, blue fish and lean meats achieves a varied, healthy and balanced diet like few in the world.

And going to a typical seafood restaurant is not only an opportunity to taste exquisite dishes, it is also an opportunity to discover this healthy diet.

Salicornia restaurante cocina marinera

Essential foods of Mediterranean seafood cuisine

In Mediterranean seafood cuisine, the following ingredients stand out, essential for any seafood restaurant such as Salicornia Restaurant:

  • Blue fish. The Mediterranean offers high quality fish with a peculiarity to take into account: its flavor and properties. Sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel or anchovy are four magnificent examples of the importance of this type of fish in Mediterranean cuisine.
  • The spices. The mountains and mountains near the sea become a sea of rosemary, thyme, oregano and all kinds of aromatic herbs. Its use in seafood cuisine not only influences its flavor. Spices and aromatic herbs also bring healthy properties to each dish.
  • The olive oil. It is liquid gold and, without a doubt, the essential element in Mediterranean seafood cuisine.
  • The wine. The entire coast is characterized by its regional wine productions, in which each country contributes its hallmarks. In Mediterranean Europe it is customary to enjoy a good glass of wine to accompany a good meal.
restaurante salicornia cocina marinera

Typical dishes of a seafood restaurant

  • The paella. World famous it is a dish full of flavor. If you prepare paella with fresh, local products and cook it with love, you will be faced with an incredibly good and nutritious dish.
  • Grilled or pickled fish. Grilled, pickled, fried or baked fish is an indispensable ingredient on all Mediterranean coasts. Also, when the fish is fresh, with just a little oil, salt, herbs and some vegetables to accompany it, you can prepare an unforgettable dish.
  • Gazpacho. International dish, the mixture of tomato, pepper, garlic, olive oil and vinegar has never played so much.

If you want to discover more, you cannot miss out on Salicornia Restaurant, the best seafood restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Mallorca, in Colonia Sant Jordi.

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