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Scotch whiskey is one of the most famous and popular drinks. It is also one with which we can experience a wide range of sensations, according to the type of whiskey we are drinking. For that reason, it is important to take it the right way. So that we can appreciate all its aromas. For this, the Sintonia Restaurant Barcelona scotch bar, one of the best places to have a good Scotch whiskey, helps us.

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Tips for drinking Scotch whiskey correctly

Our friends at the Sintonia Restaurant Scotch Bar have shared with us the secrets to enjoy a good whiskey.

Take the whiskey in a glass cup

Of course, if you wish you can drink your whiskey in a disposable plastic cup. But the truth is that plastic can contaminate its flavor. A simple glass of low ball glass is the best way to savor a drink in a scotch bar.

Not only do you drink, you also sniff

The aroma is half the taste of a good Scotch whiskey. Therefore, before tasting it, smell it. And do it calmly. The first aroma will be basically alcohol. With the second sniff you will discover more complex nuances. But smell it a third time. This way you can analyze it in depth and appreciate all its components.

restaurante sintonia scotch bar

Whiskey and water

Adding water to the Scotch whiskey by default is not a good habit. Although it is true that if you have more than 50% alcohol it is a good idea to add a few drops of water. It will help open your flavors and soften the blow of alcohol.
Although, in fact, most commercial whiskeys are usually diluted. So adding water can debride them and water them.

The ice debate

It is true that cooling the whiskey will make the stroke of alcohol softer, allowing us to better appreciate the flavors. But it is also true that ice numbs some aromas.

If you are going to use ice that is not more than two cubes. And better if they are round, since this way they are not consumed so fast while waiting for us to drink.

In some purist scotch bar, they are reluctant to put alcohol in Scotch whiskey.


The most common combination is to mix whiskey with ginger ale. This highlights the aromas of whiskey without losing its essence. But if you want to experience, do not hesitate to try the cocktails such as those prepared by the Sintonia Restaurant scotch bar. For many experts, the best cocktails to properly appreciate the taste of this drink are the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned and the Mint Julep.

restaurante sintonia scotch bar barcelona

If you want to drink some of the best whiskeys or experiment with cocktails, the ideal place to do it is at Sintonia Restaurant, one of the best scotch bars in Barcelona.

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