Monte Pinos mineral water

Monte Pinos natural mineral water comes from a single spring located at an altitude of almost 1000 metres in the Sierra de Almazán, Soria. 

This eco-geological environment gives Monte Pinos mineral water a mineral composition very low in sodium, which makes it advisable as a water for daily consumption at any age. 

Monte Pinos natural mineral water is also recommended in cases of arterial hypertension and heart failure, in slimming diets or for the preparation of children’s food and to keep sportsmen and women hydrated. 

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Monte Pinos mineral water

History of Monte Pinos mineral water

In 1934, Mr. Dionisio Navalpotro entered the world of fizzy drinks. Years later, his son Pedro Navalpotro took advantage of his experience in the sector to transform the company and market what we know today as Monte Pinos natural mineral water.

In the eighties and early nineties, the company switched from the production of soft drinks to the exploitation of the spring itself. This was the birth of the well known and reputable Monte Pinos natural mineral water.

Monte Pinos: Mineral water with a distinctive character

Monte Pinos natural mineral water has the protected distinctive sign Tierra de Sabor. This distinctive sign is a guarantee mark that allows the identification in the market of agri-food products of differentiated quality. 

Foodstuffs of excellence produced, manufactured or processed in the Community of Castilla y León that meet the requirements and conditions set out in the regulations for the use of the Tierra de Sabor guarantee mark.

The main characteristics of Monte Pinos mineral water are its low sodium content (1.8 mg/L) and its high calcium content (93.8 mg/L). Ideal for low sodium diets.

Superior design, quality and taste

The design of the Monte Pinos blue glass bottle brings a style of distinction and glamour. It has a pure line design, which outlines the profile of a drop of water. The characteristic blue colour defines an elegant personality, as well as preserving the water from sunlight. 

Monte Pinos has a wide variety of formats and groupings to suit the needs of consumers and distributors. 

The natural mineral water is preserved in a natural way throughout its course until it reaches the bottling plants, where the aim is to maintain all its qualities and essential properties intact while bottling takes place.

Monte Pinos mineral water

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