Enjoy a KM0 menu

The so-called km 0 food products that make up the menu of some of the best restaurants in Mallorca are those that take into account the distance between their point of origin and their place of final consumption. For a while now, these local products have been a trend, just like the menus at Km O. There has even been a movement called slow food, a gastronomic association that defends food based on environmentalism, sustainable development, biodiversity, trade fair and ethics. This gastronomic concept seeks to reduce the strong ecological impact of transporting raw materials thousands of kilometers away. But at the same time a healthier and more natural eating style is achieved, since artificial products are not used to […]

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The best place to taste tapas in the heart of Malaga

If there is a unique culinary specialty that distinguishes our gastronomy, it is tapas. They offer a wide variety, making it easy to satisfy all tastes and offering a whole range of possibilities. And is that enjoying tapas can be an option as practical as delicious. To satisfy the unexpected hunger between meals, when we have little time, or simply to enrich an aperitif, tapas are simply perfect. In Matiz, one of the best restaurants in Malaga, they explain what some of its most exclusive tapas consist of. Because going for tapas also means enjoying a culinary art that is more important than it seems at first glance. Malaga’s best restaurants for tapas Every place in the Spanish geography has […]

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Grilled Barcelona cuisine is a claim for many people, and one of the reasons is that it is a healthy cooking method. But that does not mean that the dishes are less tasty than others: they can be an authentic gastronomic experience. An example of this is the gastronomic menu that can be enjoyed at the Sintonía restaurant, with chef Pablo Tomás at the forefront of his kitchen. Sintonía, a Barcelona grill restaurant, opened a little over a year ago in the heart of the Eixample, in a charming passage that also leads to the gardens of the Palau Robert. Its concept was perfect for such a cosmopolitan location: offering a gastronomic space with a tasting menu, accompanied by an […]

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To enjoy a spa and food experience in Barcelona, ​​the Sintonía restaurant is proposed as one of the most recommended. And it is that its gastronomic proposal, based on hours of cooking and a lot of flavor, results in a traditional cuisine renovated with the freshest products on the market. Getting a healthy kitchen, cooked over low heat and charcoal fire, is a claim for those who like good food while taking care of themselves. The space, the food and the environment intervene in it, all fused creating a perfect “harmony” and an exceptional experience. The spa & food experience of the Barcelona Sintonía restaurant consists of a 30-minute Jacuzzi, followed by a message of another 30 minutes, and crowned […]

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The advantages of market cuisine

Restaurantes Málaga centro como Matiz destacan por su cocina de mercado

Market cuisine is one of the healthiest and most interesting gastronomic options that exists, such as that offered by some Malaga downtown restaurants. Although market cuisine is still unknown to some people, it stands out for the excellent value for money it offers, as well as the good gastronomic game that you can get from it. Quality, good price and detail, based on the day’s product bought in the market that will be served on the menu. Restaurants Malaga center such as Matiz stand out in that sense, to which we must also add other nuances that distinguish it from the rest. E The result is to enjoy dishes made with fresh seasonal products, something that in itself offers many […]

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tapear en malaga

Tapas are a culinary art. A gastronomic specialty that fits with any taste. Which allows us to test its broad spectrum when we go out for a drink. Perfect when we are not very hungry, when you are in a hurry or when you simply want to taste a variety of dishes. With the help of Matiz Restaurant we will show you the possibilities of tapear in Malaga. And we will do it with a tour of its most famous tapas. And you can not tapas in Malaga without tasting any of these small delicatessen that you will find in the best restaurants in Malaga. Tapear in Malaga, its most famous tapas If you visit a tapas restaurant in Malaga, […]

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