Malavella is a carbonated mineral water that springs from the Font de la Mina spring in Caldes de Malavella (Girona) at a temperature of 58ºC. Its mineral qualities give it its own original personality. It is water with sodium bicarbonate. In the Vichy Catalán online store, you can buy Malavella carbonated mineral water quickly and easily. Discover the taste of a carbonated mineral water. How is Malavella carbonated mineral water obtained? According to a 1996 report by the IGME (Spanish Institute of Geology and Mining), after a long journey through the depths of the earth for more than 10,000 years, Malavella carbonated mineral water comes out of the spring with its own gas.  During this journey, at a temperature of […]

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Font D’Or water, a premium water

Font d’Or natural mineral water is not considered to be just any water, even though it is within the reach of all budgets. This water is considered a premium product due to its exceptional quality, the guarantee of which lies in its origin. Font d’Or water comes from a spring located in the heart of the Guilleries granite massif, at an altitude of no less than 1,000 metres. This detail, the result of nature’s whim, is what makes Font d’Or water, one of the Vichy Catalán brands available in La Tienda Vichy, offer an unchanging composition, as the entire production comes from a single spring. Font d’Or is an age-old, rich, healthy water that thousands of consumers have the privilege […]

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Agua Font del Regas

Font Regas water is characterised by its low mineralisation, which makes it a water of great quality and pleasant taste. Moreover, Regas water is not only suitable for preparing cooking dishes, it can also be used with cooking dishes and is ideal for the treatment of high blood pressure. Regas font water has always been characterised by consumers, retailers and distributors finding practical and convenient solutions, with the aim of providing the best water in the best packaging.  It has the advantages of practicality and convenience: the compact, stackable design saves space, and its ergonomic handle makes it easy to handle and carry. At the Vichy Catalán online shop, you can buy Font de Regas water quickly and easily. Discover […]

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Matiz restaurant gift coupon

Thinking of steel, a good detail that pleasantly surprised you, like a dinner in a Malaga restaurant? Whether it is a special celebration, an Important moment, or a daily dinner, giving Matiz, one of the best downtown Malaga restaurants, is a Success. Actually, any moment can be good to make it different, and give it a spark that transforms it. It may be on the weekend, but not necessarily: nothing helps make the week go as smoothly as an unexpected dinner on a Wednesday. For example. And if you are enjoying a tasting menu in Malaga, what more could you ask for? Matiz’s cuisine, considered by many to be the best restaurant in Malaga, is seasonal, Mediterranean and inevitably Andalusian. […]

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Opened in February last year, the Sintonia Restaurant was born with the idea of creating a new restaurant in Barcelona with a new philosophy. Located in Hotel Gallery, this restaurant was created with the idea in mind that eating, drinking and enjoying a good after-dinner are things that take time, that can be done without haste. And that a restaurant in Barcelona makes such a proposal to us is, to say the least, interesting. Sintonia Restaurant, a place to delight and not watch the clock At the Sintonia Restaurant everything is designed so that you arrive free of charges. So you do not look at the clock and enjoy the experience. A good meal, a good dinner or a quiet […]

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To enjoy a spa and food experience in Barcelona, ​​the Sintonía restaurant is proposed as one of the most recommended. And it is that its gastronomic proposal, based on hours of cooking and a lot of flavor, results in a traditional cuisine renovated with the freshest products on the market. Getting a healthy kitchen, cooked over low heat and charcoal fire, is a claim for those who like good food while taking care of themselves. The space, the food and the environment intervene in it, all fused creating a perfect “harmony” and an exceptional experience. The spa & food experience of the Barcelona Sintonía restaurant consists of a 30-minute Jacuzzi, followed by a message of another 30 minutes, and crowned […]

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coctelerias en malaga

We often talk about Restaurante Matiz, one of our favorite places to eat in the south. But what you may not know is that Matiz is also one of the best cocktail bars in Malaga, or at least one of the best places to taste signature cocktails in Malaga. Your bartender is a specialist and that is why we have asked him for advice to explain what are the elements that make up a good cocktail. Who better than the person in charge of one of the best cocktail bars in Malaga to advise us on the subject! Elements that make up a good cocktail Each cocktail is made up of the union of various ingredients. Each element has its […]

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Cócteles por Málaga

Malaga is one of the ideal places to enjoy the best cocktails. And one of the keys is their exceptional local products. Starting with its varieties of wines, the delicious spirits that are made in the villages of the mountains and ending with the fact that Ronda has its own production of gin and tequila. In fact, a few months ago the event Cocktails in Malaga was held and it was a success. Cocktails in Malaga The city has experienced, during these last years, a remarkable growth and highlights the cocktail bars in Malaga in which it is committed to increasing quality and elaborate. That is why, last spring, 359 Cocktail Concept decided to support different cocktail bars in Malaga […]

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tapear en malaga

Tapas are a culinary art. A gastronomic specialty that fits with any taste. Which allows us to test its broad spectrum when we go out for a drink. Perfect when we are not very hungry, when you are in a hurry or when you simply want to taste a variety of dishes. With the help of Matiz Restaurant we will show you the possibilities of tapear in Malaga. And we will do it with a tour of its most famous tapas. And you can not tapas in Malaga without tasting any of these small delicatessen that you will find in the best restaurants in Malaga. Tapear in Malaga, its most famous tapas If you visit a tapas restaurant in Malaga, […]

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Cocktail bars in Palma de Mallorca there are many, but located in one of the most attractive enclaves as the Colònia de Sant Jordi, there are not many. The cocktail bars in Palma de Mallorca are not only part of the areas of intense nightlife, but other areas where nature has an important role. This is the case of Colònia de Sant Jordi, an ideal day destination for active visitors who love sports and who at night continues to offer incentives. The cocktail bars in Palma de Mallorca are one of them, because in the Colònia de Sant Jordi there are some with a really special charm. A perfect example would be the Salicorniarestaurant bar and its wonderful terrace. The Colònia de […]

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