Smoothies have been in fashion for some time, and they have their reason for being. Every time we like to take care of ourselves, do sports and lead a healthy life in which a healthy diet cannot be absent. And the high protein, antioxidant and fiber content of smoothies, in addition to their delicious flavors, has made them a star drink for many people who enjoy taking care of themselves. For this reason, in an emblematic place like the restaurant in Colonia Sant Jordi called Salicornia, a variety of signature smoothies could not be missing to enjoy in a privileged environment. Like its terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi de Mallorca, located on the Paseo Marítimo, an excellent way to enjoy […]

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Enjoy a KM0 menu

The so-called km 0 food products that make up the menu of some of the best restaurants in Mallorca are those that take into account the distance between their point of origin and their place of final consumption. For a while now, these local products have been a trend, just like the menus at Km O. There has even been a movement called slow food, a gastronomic association that defends food based on environmentalism, sustainable development, biodiversity, trade fair and ethics. This gastronomic concept seeks to reduce the strong ecological impact of transporting raw materials thousands of kilometers away. But at the same time a healthier and more natural eating style is achieved, since artificial products are not used to […]

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The best place to taste tapas in the heart of Malaga

If there is a unique culinary specialty that distinguishes our gastronomy, it is tapas. They offer a wide variety, making it easy to satisfy all tastes and offering a whole range of possibilities. And is that enjoying tapas can be an option as practical as delicious. To satisfy the unexpected hunger between meals, when we have little time, or simply to enrich an aperitif, tapas are simply perfect. In Matiz, one of the best restaurants in Malaga, they explain what some of its most exclusive tapas consist of. Because going for tapas also means enjoying a culinary art that is more important than it seems at first glance. Malaga’s best restaurants for tapas Every place in the Spanish geography has […]

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If you have the opportunity to visit Mallorca, on the seafront of Colonia Sant Jordi you will find the Salicornia Restaurant. A space full of light, with an enviable terrace facing the old fishing port and one of the best restaurants in Mallorca. It is a seafood restaurant with local products. From scorpions, brecas, sea bass to the famous Mallorcan red shrimp and lobsters in the area. A restaurant with seafood cuisine that highlights its sweet, dry rice and its fideuá. Among its specialties it is worth mentioning its seafood rice, the fideuá a la llauna and Norway lobsters, in addition to the brandade of cod, the tuna tartar and egg yolk, the salmorejo with cockles and ‘pico de gallo’ […]

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restaurante cocina marinera

Today we will talk about what we can find in a seafood restaurant. And for this we have consulted experts, our friends at Restaurante Salicornia, one of the best restaurants in Colonia Sant Jordi de Mallorca and the best seafood restaurant we know. So together with Salicornia Restaurant we are going to discover the secrets of seafood cuisine. Mediterranean seafood cuisine Mediterranean seafood cuisine not only refers to a specific diet typical of Mediterranean countries. It is also a way of understanding life and gastronomy. Famous and popular above all for its healthy benefits, these are due to the characteristic variety of the Mediterranean diet. The combination of vegetables, nuts, blue fish and lean meats achieves a varied, healthy and […]

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cócteles en consideramos la mejor terraza de Colonia Sant Jordi

We have already talked to you sometimes about what we consider the best terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi in Mallorca. In fact, for us, it is the best restaurant in Colonia Sant Jordi. Salicornia Restaurant, in fact, is a cocktail restaurant in Mallorca that fascinates us. And much of the merit is its fantastic terrace with its stunning views. When we want to have a good time in a cocktail bar in Mallorca, we always go through Salicornia and its terrace in Colonia Sant Jordi to taste the best cocktails in Mallorca. The terrace of Colonia Sant Jordi with the best views and the best cocktails in Mallorca Definitely, if you want to try the best cocktails of Mallorca in […]

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scotch bar en Barcelona

Barely a year old, the Sintonia Restaurant has already built a reputation in the Eixample of Barcelona. Also known as Gallery Restaurant for being on the ground floor of the Gallery Hotel has asserted as one of its biggest attractions being one of the first Scotch bar in Barcelona. In this way, Restaurante Sintonia combines an attractive gastronomic offer commanded by its chef Pablo Tomás, with an extraordinary schedule, a cozy and great atmosphere, a unique location, and the opportunity to enjoy a scotch bar in Barcelona, a unique experience. What is a scotch bar If you don’t know what a scotch bar is, you don’t know what you’re missing. Although perhaps you already intuit it. “Scotch” surely suggests something […]

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top restaurantes malaga

Canceled by the wide and excellent gastronomic offer of the Costa del Sol, the one of Malaga capital had been relegated to oblivion. But over time it has been corrected and we can find a growing number of restaurants that are committed to quality cuisine. It is difficult to choose which is the best restaurant in Malaga, so, in today’s article, with less pretensions, we will simply make a TOP Malaga restaurants with which we believe they are the best: TOP Malaga restaurants: Almijara Among the best places to eat in Malaga is, of course, Almijara, a place that has been open since 1989 and that has not stopped reinventing itself until it becomes one of the city’s references. One […]

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terraza de Mallorca

When we talk about charming restaurants in Mallorca, one of the first that comes to mind is the Salicornia Restaurant. We have already talked about him sometime in our blogs. And you know we love it for many reasons. But a very special one is because it has the best terrace in Mallorca. And the truth is that in a place as heavenly as the Mediterranean island, this is a double luxury. We explain a little because we don’t want to seem convoluted. Salicornia Restaurant is located in a privileged place, therefore, the best terrace in Mallorca enjoys a unique and exceptional situation and, therefore, not only stands out for having a great terrace in itself, it also has the […]

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